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Would you like to have the opportunity to have a trail named after you, your company, or a memorial for a loved one, at either the Tranquille Bonaparte or the Sun Peaks riding areas? Become apart of our trail name fundraising program.

For a one time purchase of $650 we will provide and install two signs, on one of our main, or collector, groomed trails. Your name/company name will also be added to this site. Which is visited by 1000 viewers locally and another 20,000 viewers from the British Columbia Snowmobile Federation.

For a one time purchase of $350 we will provide and install two signs on one of our shorter un-groomed trails. your name/company name will as well be added to this site. 

your named trail will be identified as such in our available PDF mapping for the riding area.

For a one time purchase of $500 you can advertise your name/company name on our Snowmaster Drag. We will supply and install a 12"x16" decal with your logo/name on the side of the groomer drag. 


Payment Programs Available, please contact us for more information.