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Parking at 21km and 22km Sawmill FSr as usual for Tranquille/Porcupine Ridge as usual.


P6 Parking for Sun Peaks


No ACTIVE logging in either riding area 


Trail Conditions


November 19, 2021

WARNING:  There is active logging at the Watching Creek Rd up to km 36.  There is about 18" of snow at the Sam's Cabin and 2' at the mine.

November 25, 2021

As of last night, all the trails in the Tranquille area have been cleared.  There is about 2' of snow at Sam's Cabin.  Saturday, Nov 27, the groomer will start packing some of the trails.

NOTE:  The Porcuping Meadows Provincial Park is closed until December 15, 2021 as long as the snow is 1m deep

The new P6 parking lot at Sun Peaks is not open yet.

December 2, 2021

Our crews spent several days last week clearing out more than 150 blow downs.  The groomer has been out last Saturday Nov.27 for the first pass to compact the snow on the trails. 

Porcupine Meadows Provincial Park is closed until December 15, 2021, it will be opened as long as the snow is 1m deep at that time.

Please watch for any moose in the area and please leave the area if you encounter any.

December 10,2021

7-10cm (3-4 inches) of fresh snow on top of previous groomer packing. Snow depth at Sam's cabin probed at 85cm total (2' 9") crews cut open the west entrance trail to porcupine meadows park to be ready for the 15th should the snow accumulation allow. 

Porcupine Meadows Park remains closed until the 15th of December with 1m of snow. 

Sun Peaks trail grooming anticipated to start Dec 13th,  please watch for grooming and be cautious.

December 14, 2021

First Pass of grooming has been completed at Sun Peaks! Outlaw Trail, Kamloops Truss Trail, Southwest Getaway Trail have been groomed today. 

30cm (12") of soft snow reported, lots of base.

December 16, 2021

First Grooming of most trails in the Tranquille/Porcupine Ridge area was completed yesterday, Fresh snow is plentiful and porcupine meadows park is OPEN. Groomer will be back on trails in the area FRIDAY Decmeber 17th. 


Stay clear of cut blocks until more snow is accumulated, alot of young trees area still vulnerable to your bumper/ your bumper is vulnerable to them.

NO CUTTING trees in porcupine meadows park. it is ILLEGAL 


Late update, Saturday Afternoon/ Evening December 18th.

Tranquille/ Porcupine Ridge

Grooming of Robins Marine Trail, Lyle's Trail, Armstrong Trail, and Noelle trail has been completed. The Sawmill Road has been bermed at 22km for rider safety. 21km and 22km parking lot are cleared of snow and open.

Sun Peaks

Grooming expected to take place at Sun Peaks this week we will post a confirmed date.


January 5th, 2022

Main Loop at Sunpeaks has been groomed on Jan 4th

Tranquille/Porqupine Ridge fog poles have been placed through the park, from center trail to the lookout. 

more poles will be placed from the wacthing creek road to Ben's Cabin. 

Grooming to take place Jan. 6th and 7th. to be setup for the weekend. 


January 11th, 2022

Main trails on Porcupine ridge have been groomed after 75+ snowmobile weekend.

Sunpeaks trails will be groomed week of Jan 10-14th, Date TBD.

lots of fresh now for the weekend, more in the forecast this week. 


January 27th, 2022

Trails in Tranquille/ Porcupine Ridge will all be groomed for Saturday Jan 29th. a few remaining trails will be groomed tomorrow Jan 28th. 

Sun Peaks main trails have been groomed Wednesday Jan 26th. 


March 3, 2022

We have been grooming up a storm this week.

Tranquille/Porcupine Ridge received two full days of grooming with The BR 180 on Monday and Tuesday to reset conditions after the heavy traffic from Snowarama.

Sun Peaks was groomed today, Kamloops truss, outlaw, South West Get away, McGillivary main, and out to the Shelter have all been groomed.

Fresh snow in both riding areas over this week.

15cm Sun Peaks

20-30cm reported on the ridge.