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Sun Peaks P6 Parking Lot Update


Sun Peaks has provided a  NEW P6 parking lot location for snowmobiles at Sun Peaks 2021/2022 season. This new lot is located by turning right, just after the ski overpass, approx. 300m before the old P6 of the 2020/21 season. Over flow parking in alloweed in P5. Snowmobiles must be unloaded in P6 riding between parking lots is NOT ALLOWED.


This new P6 lot is shared with Sunpeaks adventure snowmobile tours as well as the dog sled tours. Please be respectful and cautious of these user groups, and your fellow riders while using the parking lot.


Speed Limit 30km/hr on the trail leaving. There are blind switch backs, and the snowmobile tours will have slower less experienced riders on this portion.

Stay out of the first clear cuts as there are nordic ski trails through them. 

Sunpeaks will groom the trail leaving P6 to the intersection of the old Sun Peaks rd (East Sun Peaks Village Trail) 

KSA will groom with the Scandic and groomer drag the main trails into the riding areas. 


REMINDER: Membership and/or trail passes are required to ride the sunpeaks riding area. 


linetype for the parking lot plan below are as follows:

GREEN: parking areas, vehicle type according to notes

ORANGE: snowmobile staging

RED: no parking areas

PURPLE: access trail