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About the KSA

The Kamloops Snowmobile Association (KSA) is an active club that would love to show you around our beautiful area. If you are a local resident and have not yet joined the KSA, we encourage you to do so and "Join the Fun". Due to our central location the Kamloops area represents a unique opportunity for snowmobiliers. We have access to all varieties of terrain from easy trails visiting lakes and high meadows, to steep and deep powder mountain riding. We have it all within an hour of all the facilities Kamloops can provide.

The KSA has Stewardship Agreements covering two major riding areas each with a number of trails. Please note all snowmobile trails in the Kamloops area are combinations of inactive unplowed forest industry roads and snowmobile recreation trails. Riding snowmobiles on active forest industry roads is extremely dangerous and strictly prohibited by law. The Tod Mountain (Sun Peaks) area snowmobile trails, and the Tranquille Lake/Porcupine Ridge area snowmobile trails both have shelters, groomed trails and designated staging areas.

Tell your Friends

The more we support our local snowmobile clubs the better our riding areas will be. There is proven strength in numbers. Members provide a defendable position in the case of a proposed closure. It provides necessary financial resource for your club and BCSF to represent our sport and be a strong voice. Added to this your club invests their membership money back into your riding areas and community. Clubs create jobs, tourism, and winter economic benefit while giving back in many ways through fundraisers for other organizations or local families.

Get Involved!

Your local club has many opportunities to get involved. You could volunteer to be a Director, help with an advertising campaign, provide some accounting advice, fix a piece of equipment, repair a shelter, work a snow show booth, or just step up and cook hotdogs at an event. Clubs are driven by volunteers and everything you see or do while riding is as a result of someone having volunteered their time. Contact your club or attend a meeting if you want to help. Also, please download the Volunteer Worksheet below and record all your donated time and equipment for the clubs database and records!!

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